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About Adult Transitional Care


Adult Transitional Care, LLC. is a privately owned company consisting of partners Celina Jovel and Constance W. Corl.  We started the business as a result of our own personal transitions that motivated us to offer this type of service for others experiencing challenging transitions. Our compassion, expertise and training enable us to make your life less stressful by providing excellent service.

We chose to use the image of a Bluebird to represent our company logo because the Bluebird is symbolic of transition. It most often predicts the occurrence of a happy condition or good tidings coming your way.


About Our Leadership



Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission

Provide compassionate, high quality service for adults experiencing transitions physically, socially, spiritually, and environmentally.

Our Vision

Embrace, empower and enhance the adult transitioning to new beginnings. We generate a positive outlook for the adult experiencing challenges with empathy, honesty, respect and wisdom.

Our Values

Compassion, service, respect, wisdom, honesty.



Adult Transitional Care, LLC is fully bonded and insured

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“I had less than one month to move my 80-year-old father from a 4-bedroom town home to a studio-deluxe room in an assisted living center and realized that I needed help. Adult Transitional Care helped my Dad make his new place feel like home by listening to what he wanted, measuring all of his furniture, creating a floor plan, and making moving arrangements. While this was going on they also helped me pack what he was moving, and connected me to reputable and reliable professionals to appraise and auction the furniture and possessions he wasn’t moving. I am so glad I decided to hire Adult Transitional Care.” ~ Lori T., State College, PA

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